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Douglas Birnie

Enfocus Consulting Limited

Douglas has over 27 years’ experience in public policy and senior consultancy roles in transport, resource policy, food safety and biosecurity roles.

Douglas has a First Class Honours Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Business Studies. He is a member of the NZ Association of Economists and has experience on a number of NGO Boards.



Public Policy and Science Based Risk Management

With over 25 years of public policy experience particularly in regulatory and compliance functions, Douglas provides advice on the management of such functions particularly in the interplay between human and resource management and science and the assessment of scientific risk. For example, Douglas has provided advice on the design and implementation of improved food safety and biosecurity regulatory systems in a number of developing countries and the science and information management aspects of resource management and is keen to assist in the recovery from Covid 19.

Regulatory Design and Implementation Advice

Douglas provides advice to and facilitation of senior managers on the design, implementation and review of regulatory frameworks and systems particularly in the natural resources sphere and application of economic frameworks to resource challenges like climate change and the recovery from Covid 19. Douglas has advised on legislation, regulatory development and implementation across the resource management space.

Facilitation and coaching

Douglas provides facilitation services for senior managers in the development of strategies and management plans. Douglas also provides and coaching support to key managers/staff requiring development in the management of people and stakeholders, and communication, information, public policy and science functions.

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Recent Projects

Recent Projects