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Gerard Willis

Enfocus Limited

Gerard has 30 years experience in planning, natural resource management and related public policy.

He holds a Bachelor of Regional Planning (Hons), is a member of the New Zealand Planning Institute and is a qualified hearing commissioner under the Making Good Decisions Programme.

Enfocus Ltd was established by Gerard in 2002 as a vehicle to deliver high quality advice to a range of public and private sector clients building on many years in influential local and central government roles based in Auckland, Wellington and the United Kingdom.

Gerard currently operates Enfocus from his home office in Karaka but travels regularly around the country.

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Strategic policy analysis

Gerard specialises in reviewing management regimes and evaluating their continued effectiveness and general fitness for purpose. He offers services in the strategic evaluation of national and regional policy frameworks and emerging policy issues often in the form of "thinkpiece” reports designed to stimulate discussion and initiate policy and/ legislative reform.

Gerard works clients who think "there must be a better way”.

Land and water management

With expertise in planning for water quality and quantity Gerard provides services in policy development, regional plan preparation, peer review, submission preparation and expert evidence (for council and Environment Court hearings). A specific area of expertise lies in the effects of agriculture on water quality.

Gerard works with clients who grapple with safeguarding community and ecosystem values in water while running a modern, growing economy.

Gerard Services

District, regional and national policy development, research and reporting

Services are provided for a wide range of projects spanning land use, natural hazards, biodiversity, air quality, coastal management and economic development. These include strategy and policy development, state of the environment reporting and policy effectiveness evaluation.

Gerard offers services to those clients seeking high quality, reputable advice.

Hearings Commissioner

As a certified hearing commissioner Gerard is available to sit on hearings panels particularly in relation in to regional planning and major project hearings.


Recent Projects

Recent Projects