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Jane Gunn

Enfocus Consulting Limited

Jane is the director of Enfocus Consulting Ltd, a Wellington based consultancy specialising in providing policy and facilitation services on resource management and environmental issues.

With an extensive background in public policy, Jane has worked across a wide range of environmental policy frameworks as a consultant to central and local government, industry organisations and environmental groups.

An experienced facilitator, Jane regularly provides engagement for different sectors with diverse views and interests.



Public Policy Processes

Since establishing a consultancy career in 2001, Jane has contributed to many national and negional policy processes. Recent work includes:

  • Aquaculture policy
  • Transport infrastructure projects
  • RMA Board of Inquiry processes
  • Biosecurity and border security responses
  • Coastal hazard policy
  • Fisheries management projects
  • Water and waste management policy.
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Facilitation, Consultation, and Engagement

Jane has extensive experience on contentious and complex multi-party processes. She has expertise in:

  • Designing and implementing processes to explore issues and resolve differences
  • Facilitating discussions between different sectors, often with conflicting positions
  • Advising central and local government teams seeking to reconcile widely diverse views
  • Facilitating working group processes
  • Analysing consultation processes and submissions.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects